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Hi, I  was wondering if some of you may be willing to help me  out by providing some of your own experiences and opinions. I appreciate any help or discussion given, and if this isn't allowed in the community I apologize. Its just very hard to find supporters of  Colbert elsewhere, and I thought I'd use my fellow ljers for some help :)

I'm doing a report on The Colbert Report as a cultural phenomenon for my American Media Studies class.
I'm mostly discussing The Colbert Nation and his following, but I feel rather than just proving that Colbert does have a cult following, I might need to back this idea up with the WHY/So What.

So I guess my questions for you are (if you don't mind answering)..

What is the purpose of The Colbert Report?
Why is it so successful?
Why are you a part of The Colbert Nation? Why are members so dedicated towards helping bring Colbert's agenda?
What made you realize Colbert was a cultural phenomenon?
Do you feel Colbert can be a more influential person than Jon Stewart? Why?
Do you feel Colbert is represented as an American Icon? Is Bill O'Riley? Should they be and why?
What positive influence does Colbert have on society? Negative?

I'm really trying to look outside of the Colbert Nation's influence on proving he is a cultural phenomenon also. Anyone can have the majority following influence change something, just like Colbert's belief of Wikiality. So for example, Truthiness being the word of the year is something outside of the Colbert Nation(I'd say Americone Dream too). Why do you think he's influenced not only his audience but the media?

Thanks everybody, I really appreciate any help.
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