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Stephen working with Paul Dinello

As most of you probably know, Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello are good friends and frequently work together. Paul recently gave me some news about his latest projects and two involve Stephen:

"I'm working with Stephen Colbert on his book based on his show."

That's all he shared about that, but it's good to know that Stephen is working on his book! I haven't heard anything about it other than a vague release date.

And more excitingly:

"Pioneer Town is a script that Stephen Colbert and I wrote. I'm hoping to shoot it this summer. It's about a guy who works at an American Settler theme park and is upset when a corporation takes over with plans to update it."

This sounds like a really awesome project! I don't know the details of how long the film is or what the budget will be (perhaps independent like the other films they've collaborated on before) but it will inevitably be very funny I'm sure.

So there is a lot to look forward to in the coming months! I run http://pauldinello.net and I've done some re-working of the site with some new sections (and more on the way) and added a bunch of new awesome articles you won't find anywhere else recently (many of which are Stephen-related and even a couple he and Paul wrote), so come on by and check it out :-) Be sure to check out the news and updates frequently for all the latest information about Paul.

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